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The Concept Of a System With Dynamic Needs

Good morning agan dan sista because yesterday I saw a lot of that interest to my posts about aplicatioi decision support system DSS, and someone asks "What if the dynamic criteria?" , so this time I will discuss DSS  with the concept of dynamic criteria.But first there are some things that agan and sista need to understand and prepare.

Why use a Dynamic Component?
Look gan requirement in each case is different, although problems occurred at an example: 
such as determining poverty status, in country A, poor views from their income level but in country B Status poverty judged not only on income but also a place to stay. The information obtained from the criteria used in country A is income and in country B uses income and of residence so it can be seen the same problem required two different needs.

Illustration of the concept of Static and Dynamic

Concept Static

In the concept of dynamic needs of columns used so that if there are additional needs should change the table structure.

 In a dynamic concept,data of needs stored in the field criteria, and do the pivot (change rows into columns) are shown, so that when there are additional requirements do not need to change the structure of the column.

I will continue the article about the DSS with dynamic criteria guess "in a week. Before we discuss the creation of the project,Sista and agan can learn  create dynamic components in java and pivot table in MySql

-IDE Netbeans
-MySql Server (Xamp,Wamp,Appserv,dll)
-MySqlGUI(SQLyog bisa juga menggunakan PhpMyAdmin)
-Smoke(For those who smoke hehe)

If there are errors or thinking / different understanding please criticism and advice thanks.
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